Korean Streetdance

Korean Streetdance

Broadening my horizons yet again with the fusion of traditional Korean dancing and some stunningly acrobatic, gymnastic dancing from Myosung.

A troop of about 20 performers did dances like sketches in a fast paced TV comedy show – one minute there would be 4 hip hopping street performers spinning on their hands, the next a scantily clad female and her partner energetically going through as many sexual positions as they could – all to some pounding beat.

There were also some more ‘traditional’ pieces – where the same people would be more balletic, showing amazing strength and poise.

A couple of times in the show there were short 5 minute intermissions where the audience were shown slides of the effects of war – I guess in Korea – and of people marching against war and being anti-Bush. Not entirely sure how it gelled with the rest of the show but I guess they wanted to get their message across.

Worth a visit if you think the bits between the BBC2 programs where guys hurl themselves off park benches is cool.


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