Another festival fades away

Another festival fades away

We’re getting to old for this. A day of cycling followed by a chinese – great that we can justify it after the cycling :) – followed by getting a taxi into town at quarter to eleven! Nearly didn’t go because we were both a bit bushed.

Was well worth it though. Craig Hill compered 3 comedians at The World Stands Up starting at midnight. Don’t think it was the delirium of us needing sleep but all three were hilarious. Kitty Flanagan from Oz, Mitch Benn from the UK and Steve McGrew from the US had a small audience in stitches. Mitch was musical comedian  – tunes about hating James Blunt and how everyone sounds like Coldplay. Burt Chewbacharach too LOL.

The other two I would go and see again if they come back. Kitty’s name rings a bell – maybe I’ve seen her on something before, or had fliers pushed into my hand for her show – anyway, she was excellent. Steve McGrew telling stories about his dog being sick, or him being sick, pretty gross at points but funny – the denver accent, whatever that may be sort of adds to the humour.

Thats it for the year though.

Perhaps Edinburgh will be back to some sort of normallity, a few less tourists attempting suicide wandering across the roads, hotel prices back to normal, taxi fares just pricey instead of extortionate, pub opening hours reduced to 1am instead of 3/4/5am. Lorraine thinks Edinburgh always feels a bit flat for the next week or so. Lets see if its true.


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