Days 4/5 (Sunday/Monday)

Lorraine was working again on Sunday but I had the shower to get on with so did that most of the day. Worked on the PC once that was done but refrained from gaming or watching the latest episodes of Heroes!!! Oh it was tempting.

Watched Motorcycle Diaries – yes we can get away with watching our Amazon Rentals – in the evening which was really good. Touching but amusing in its own way.

Monday – spent all evening working on the PC while Lorraine painted the woodwork in the ensuite (should it be hyphenated?)


Day 3 – Saturday

Lorraine was working today so was harder without anyone in the house. Lunch would normally have found me sitting in front of the TV for an hour while I munched on a couple of Pitta with hummous(sp?) and salad.

But instead I sat at the kitchen table with the radio on and got back on with ensuite DIY quicker than normal.

Off round to the neighbours for burns supper this evening made it easy too! Out two nights running has been a bit fraudulent. We’ll see how it goes on Sunday.


Day 2

Sat at the table and had brekkie together this morning – very convivial.

Seem to have the need for some noise to be on in the background though. Radio 1 again this morning – although Lorraine says she is listening to Radio 4 these days!

Out to Iggs for dinner tonight – maybe end up going out every night so TV isn’t an option :)

Headed to the cinema to see Babel which was okay – apparently Cinema and our Amazon DVD rentals don’t count for the “not watching” TV regime…


Day 1 in the no TV house

Odd, no TV in the morning while I have my porridge means I just eat it and go – no hanging about with Lorraine while some cr@ppy story is on GMTV. Probably try and sit at table and eat it tomorrow if we are both up at the same time.

I get home about 7:30 and fire up the PC to do some work – catch up on the backgammon. Find the Chris Moyles Radio 1 Brekkie show to listen to (from the BBC website)

Head down to make dinner and resist the urge to switch on the TV while the rice is boiling. Saves it boiling over which is a good start :)

Lorraine comes home later and we sit at the table and blether while she eats hers.

Off upstairs to do some PC work for a while before heading to bed.
PC has recorded ER